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Trauma informed  - Healing Centred

Understand. Heal. Grow.

RMB's approach

The key to successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship you and I develop over time. I know that you need to be seen, heard, validated and be able to trust me. To provide both you, and the clinicians at RMB Psychology a safe working environment, RMB Psychology uses trauma-informed care and practice. This model focuses on providing you with a safe space to explore and understand your life. We ask 'What happened to you?' and we bear witness to your story.

As a trauma informed practice we treat the whole person and look into previous trauma only so as to understand what you are struggling with today. We bring not only the mind, but also the body into therapy, as trauma impacts the whole person, the way they view themselves, the others, and the world around them.  Trauma impacts a person's relationships, family, friends, and colleagues. It affects us all. 

At RMB Psychology Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) is used predominantly together with Somatic Experiencing┬« (SE) and Internal Family Systems (IFS). Traditional talk therapy in the form of  Trauma - Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT) is also used.  Both EMDR and TF-CBT are the only evidence based internationally recognised and recommended gold standard treatments for PTSD. 

RMB's principal psychologist also works on a multidisciplinary team at The Melbourne Clinic (Australia's largest private psychiatric hospital) running the first inpatient EMDR program in Victoria. She runs multiple groups in the EMDR program as well as individual trauma sessions with patients. 

Different therapies will work differently for different people. Therapy is not a one size fits all with one solution. Several questions will influence how therapy progresses for you. Things to consider include what are you hoping to address in therapy, what would successful therapy look like for you (and possibly your family), how long have you been struggling with the particular issue and are you ready to the possibility of change?

We work with you to form a wholistic view which means we see you as a person with a mind, body and soul and we believe the three elements are interconnected with each component able to impact the other two. RMB Psychology understand the relationship between your mind, body and soul and respect that they are connected when exploring your history.

At every session we ask for your honest feedback to make sure that you are feeling heard, empowered and in control of your therapy. 

RMB Psychology understands the importance of respect, information, hope and connection with others. RMB Psychology values giving you a voice, and choice, in your therapy.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."

- Maya Angelou

General Services - Children and Adults

RMB Psychology works with you to get you feeling better about yourself and your life. The lived experience, academic knowledge and practical skills of RMB's principal psychologist will help you deal effectively with the issues life presents you. This can include feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, trying to understand and process your experiences of trauma (big and 'small'), trying to deal with cumulative stress or bullying at school/work to name a few. RMB Psychology works with children through to mature adults. 

Emergency Service Personnel 

RMB's Principal Psychologist also has a unique understanding and experience of 'being in the job' as an emergency first responder and understand the culture (ie she is culturally competent), she knows trust, confidentiality and privacy is critical (we do not report to any organisation if not a WorkSafe/Comcare claim). Because of this, RMB is better able to connect with you as a first responder, because we understand the constant demands placed upon you, the operational environment (internal and external) and the daily stressors of emergency first responders whether you are a police officer, paramedic, firefighter or a volunteer with the emergency services (e.g. State Emergency Service). 

Legal & Medical Professionals

Perhaps you're a doctor or nurse (or allied health professional) and have been helping people in their times of stress that over the years has left you questioning your job, your effectiveness, maybe even the meaning of your life's work. Do you work in our legal and justice system and you have been exposed to distressing witness testimony and other evidence of horrific offending or disturbing criminal acts? Have you heard and seen things you want to forget but can't? Let RMB Psychology work it out with you.